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A business is like a clock and for it to run on time and be flawless,all links and sprokets must function to perfection.Similarly every part of the Restaurant Cafe must function in harmony failing which, can have drastic consequences.

During my advisory visits to the restaurants, I have noticed that majority of owners do not give enough importance to this crucial and critical aspect of opertaion of the business, till its to late.Remember, meticulous planning, systematic organisation and maintainance of good standards and consistency eliminates possibilities of error.

Lack of knowledge and misimplementation of the following is the major reason for the non-profitability in Restaurant Cafe business and it directly reflects on the productivity and profits.

Hours 3

  • CIT/QPC/10 Cost control,Portion control,Quality control and Wastage factor 8
  • CIT/MPM/17 Menu designing,Planning,Costing and Mock Cooking 2
  • CIT/FTP/18 Freezing and thawing procedures 4
  • CIT/SCM/03 Stock Storage,handling and Management 4
  • CIT/CER/04 Cost effective rostering and wage management 2
  • DFO/PCS/1.5 Product consistency and maintaining standards 4
  • CIT/HKF/02 Harmonic kitchen and floor operation,Ordering system and Rule 20.  2
  • CRS/CHL/5.1 Costumer handling and language skills 2
  • CRS/SST/5.4 Suggestive selling techniques 4
  • CIT/BPM /19 Cost effective business promotion and MarketingIf you feel any one, or more of the above are hindering the progress and success of your business please dont hesitate to contact me for an obligation free advice.I will be happy to do a free assessment and an expence analysis on your business and give you guidance for the best course of action.

Exclusive Training Program
Aternatively If you wish to have a Training program designed to suit your business needs, please choose the units from any of the following Training programs and forward your selection to me with your details.I will formulate your exclusive Training Package and will contact you for further discussion.

Choose any training unit from: 

  • Above

  • Restaurant Cafe Operation Course

  • Chef Training Course.

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