The Importance of Education and Training Within the Hospitality Industry

Almost after ten years, I recently returned home from Europe with added wealth of knowledge and was even more determined to contribute towards the Industry. I have always felt there was an extreme lack of education within the Hospitality industry for Restaurant Cafe Operation.

Many years ago, I convinced myself that there must be a means of teaching new entrants the knowledge required to be fully competent and MULTISKILLED and be able to operate Restaurants and Cafe profitably and successfully.

Within Australia and Europe, this high profile glamour industry of Cafes and Restaurants causes an unaccountable level of damage to the emotional and financial well-being of many young, innocent seekers of this passion. These individuals are in a hurry to succeed and involve themselves in this complex demanding industry without giving a second thought.

My long association and experiences within the Hospitality Industry made this very obvious that, There was no shortcut for the operators to achieve the competency and expertise in Cafes and Restaurants Operation other than spending years of training to qualify in all the relevant subjects covering Restaurants and Cafe operations; years which they do not have.

This inspired me to design this intensive course, Restaurant Cafe Operation

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