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There is no substitute for Experience, Knowledge and Skills, an essential criteria to operate Restaurant and Cafe business successfully. Thirty years of hospitality experience is invaluable but sometimes, not enough.

I have owned Restaurant and Cafe’s in Europe and within Australia. In spite of being an experienced operator and a Chef, I have not been exempt from the ups and downs of this Industry. Unfortunately some situations detrimental to the Restaurant and Cafe operation cannot be avoided.

In terms of a positive outlook, this is considered as a learning curve, but is not the best means of gaining experience. Hence the saying , “a wise person learns from other peoples’ mistakes” .

The only way to minimize risk is to gain competency in all aspects of Restaurant Cafe Operation, including Culinary expertise.

My Two Intensive Courses will provide you the essential Competencies of Operational and Culinary aspects of the Restaurant and cafe Industry.

    • Restaurant Cafe Operation Course
    • Elementary Stage I : Duration 3 weeks, 8 hr sessions
    • Advanced Stage II: Duration 6 weeks, 8 hr sesions 
    • “Cook Like a Chef” Chef competency intensive Commercial Cookery training program.
    • Elementary Stage I:Duration 3 weeks, 8 hr sessions
    • Advanced Stage II: Duration 3 weeks, 8 hr sessions


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