“Cook Like a Chef”
Chef Competency Intensive Training Course

I have specially designed this Intensive Chef Competency Training program” to give recognition to the inspired and motivatedRestaurant and Cafe owners, Potential operators and owners and for that matter even the Culinary Enthusiast who wish to join this exiting world of Hospitality.

This is not the solution to the Chef shortage and surely Not a substitute for the comprehensive Chef training courses but it is a contingency plan to be able to sail your ship with expertise if need be.“Cook Like a Chef” Intensive training course will provide applied skills and competency in Commercial Cookery and you will be able to perform Chefs duties with confidence and expertise.

As I always say“There is a Chef In every Person” so why not explore your hidden talents.

If you are planning to launch yourself in this exiting industry,the best Insurance you could ever have is to gain this competency by enrolling in the intensive training course “Cook like a Chef”

Elementary stage I

  • Duration: 3 weeks 8 hr sessions 

    Advanced stage II

  • Duration: 3 weeks 8 hr sessions 


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